Welcome to P4SRE the parent and carers campaign for good sex and relationships education

As parents, we believe that good SRE helps our children and young people make healthy choices and protects them from harm. We call for universal provision of good quality, safe, age-appropriate and comprehensive Sex and Relationships Education for our kids.

Universal provision – this means that all children and young people should have good SRE whether they attend academies, free schools, faith schools or community schools. The best way to make this happen is for SRE to be a topic that all schools have to teach (like Maths and English).

Good quality – this means providing accurate and honest information about sexual health and healthy relationships. We think this is best done by people who are trained and supported in the school to be specialist SRE teachers.

Safe – means helping children and young people distinguish between wanted and unwanted, dangerous or inappropriate physical contact, and to know who to talk to if they are scared, hurt or in danger. It also means helping children and young people to use the internet and social media safely.

Age-appropriate and comprehensive – SRE needs to be introduced at the start of a child’s school career, making sure we help young people to think about their relationships and what makes us happy about those. It should get children into the practice of talking about feelings and learning about their bodies. By the time young people need it and certainly by the time they leave secondary school, they should be equipped with detailed and accurate information about all the physical, emotional, legal and social aspects of human sexual behaviour and relationships.


One Response to Welcome to P4SRE the parent and carers campaign for good sex and relationships education

  1. Dr. S. Whalen says:

    I am both a parent and a sexual health professional and believe very strongly in the sentiment expressed on this web site. I am very lucky as both of my children have had access to excellent SRE in their schools. It is not always enough to hear it from parents alone. I believe that relationships education needs to commence very early, at the start of the school career with the sex element being introduced as appropriate as childrens bodies and minds develop with age. My experience as a professional is that most parents are not opposed to SRE, but some are concerned that talking about sex makes it more likely that their child will enter into a sexual relationship, whereas actually the opposite is true. I agree that SRE should be compulsory in schools but also that parents need the support and reassurance to understand why.

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