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This is the home of  P4SRE: the parents and carers campaign for good sex and relationships education. We hope you will join us in calling for better sex and relationships education for all our children.

As parents and carers, we believe that good SRE teaches healthy decision-making and protects children and young people. We call for universal provision of good qualitysafeage-appropriate and comprehensive Sex and Relationships Education for our kids. Read more here.

If you are a parent/carer and support this aim then please sign up to our campaign.

This website is also a place where parents and carers can share their questions and ideas about sex and relationships education and get support and ideas about how to talk to their own children.

Why don’t you pull up a swivel chair, join in the conversation on the blog and see what useful information you can find in SRE info.

This is a space for the majority of  parents and carers. People like us who believe that learning about sex and relationships at school as well as at home is a good thing. If you have ideas for articles you want to see here, an item you would like us to post, or a question you’d like the P4SRE gang to answer just post it to us here.

5 Responses to Home

  1. Gail Teasdale says:

    In working with Parents in Hull I have been told by them how much they value good SRE to ensure their children have informatuion and skills they need to develop happy healthy relationships as they grow up. Courses run in Hull such as the Speak easy course have also empowered parents to be able to answer questions their children ask in an age appropriate way. access to good quality SRe which gives children and young people and parents accurate information and skills are essential for all children. I have not met any parents who oppose this.

  2. We fully support the P4SRE’s campaign for effective SRE in schools for young people. We have been working with young people since 2001, providing programmes that address the underlying issues that lead to risky sexual (and other) behaviour, such as lack of self esteem, self worth and low confidence and which often lead to young people lacking the knowledge about where to obtain information about STIs and safe sex.

    Young people on our youth programmes tell us that they find the SRE provided through the school curriculum makes them feel blamed and ‘part of the problem’ and told what they should do. They feel that the aim of sex education is to scare them into not having sex and that sex is a problem.

    What they want is a safe environment, with skilled external experts (rather than teachers in large classes focusing on the technical aspects), to allow them to discuss their concerns about relationships and the sexual myths that have been handed down from generation to generation.

    Our programmmes (Teens and Toddlers and SAFE) not only teach about sexual health and relationships, but also help young people to learn the skills of self reflection. We empower young people to develop emotional literacy: the capacity for self awareness and self management; awareness of others and interpersonal skills and social skills. Armed with these skills young people are empowered and can be trusted to make positive life choices.

  3. Chris Newell says:

    In twenty years of parenthood I’ve not met a single, fellow parent who didn’t want positive, sustained and comprehensive SRE throughout their children’s education. Despite this, SRE is often regarded with fear by both politicians and educators whose actions seem inhibited by conservative elements in the press and religiously-motivated lobbies. This situation cannot continue; our children’s futures are far too important. P4SRE’s campaign will help to redress the balance and promote the views that really matter – the majority of today’s parents.

  4. Relationships, friendships, fitting in are of all consuming interest to young people. The decisions they make can have a profound impact on their lives; sometimes more so than career choices, yet good quality education in this vital area is often regarded as not important. Our young people deserve SRE that equips them with the information and skills to make good decisions for them as individuals so they may enjoy happy,fullfilling and life enhancing relationships. I think this education is best delivered by people with a passion in this area who are not afraid to honestly deal with the complex issues that our young people face in today’s rapidly changing world. I am a parent and have worked for Brook for 20 years. I have seen much positive change in that time but there is still so much to do. Support from parents for our work has far outweighed any criticism and I welcome P4SRE as the majority voice of UK parents.

  5. Jane Holder says:

    I’m looking for people’s opinions on sex and relationships education for a campaign with the Brish Youth Council.

    If any of you want to fill in this survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/L3CKG67 it would help me get going.

    Thank you!

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