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On our blog page we are going to have ongoing discussions stimulated by blog posts. Please submit a blog to us if you would like it up there and do comment on the existing blogs and help to keep the conversation going.

This page is full of links to useful websites, organisations and articles for parents who are interested in talking to their children about sex and relationships or want more information about what should be taught in schools. Please send us links to websites and documents you have found helpful

The fpa (formerly family planning association) website is full of detailed and useful information about sexual health. It also has information on their Speakeasy course aimed at helping parents talk to their children about sex and relationships.

Sex Education Forum – this is a coalition of organisations that work with young people and support the teaching of good quality sex and relationships education. They have lots of useful information about the principles and practice of good sex education. This page of their site deals specifically with examples of how schools and parents can work together to improve SRE.

Brook – the young people’s sexual health charity has clear information for young people on sexual health and a helpline

Bish – has a website for older teenagers, providing a question and answer service, giving frank and accurate information about sexual health and relationships. There is also a website for professionals and parents with advice, information and resources to help talk to teenagers about sex and relationships.

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