About Our Campaign

In this section of the website you will be able to find out more about our campaign and what it stands for. You can sign our campaign petition which aims to show the Government, schools and local authorities that the majority of parents want good SRE for our children. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/p4sre/signatures You can also find out about more ways you can get involved.

Our campaign

What kind of sex and relationships education do we want for our children?

Universal provision –  means that all children should be taught SRE whether they attend academies, free schools, faith schools or community schools. The best way to make this happen is for SRE to be a core part of the school curriculum for all children (like Maths and English).

Good quality – means providing honest and accurate information from trustworthy organisations about sexual health and  relationships. This is most likely to happen if we train teachers to be experts in these subjects (like English and Maths teachers).

Safe – this means that SRE should help children and young people distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate (or abusive) physical contact; to learn about respectful relationships; and to know who to talk to get health advice, and if they are scared, hurt or in danger. It should help children and young people to use the internet and social media safely.

Age-appropriate and comprehensive – SRE needs to be introduced at the start of a child’s school career, beginning with simply defining our different relationships and learning to talk about our feelings.  By the time young people need it and certainly by the time they leave secondary school, they should have been given detailed and accurate information about every aspect of  human sexual behaviour and relationships.

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