Who we are

There has been all sorts of interesting speculation about who the people behind P4SRE are. It’s made me realise I’ve been a bit remiss in not having a ‘who we are’ page right from the beginning. So here goes. I’m Lisa . I have been delivering sex and relationships education for 11 years and doing teaching and youth work for ever (ish) . I was Director of sexual health charity Education For Choice until the end of last year. I am also a parent of two children and step parent to one.

I admit that starting P4SRE was my crazy notion, but from the beginning I’ve had loads of help from other people who have been involved in helping set up P4SRE, providing ideas, technical and moral support. All of us are parents who are fed up with the lack of representation of our views about SRE. We, like most parents, want our children to have an accurate, honest and comprehensive education about sex and relationships so that they can develop into healthy adults with the capacity to make informed decisions, understand risk, believe in their right to be treated well and be committed to treating others respectfully.  Parents are often characterised as conservative, anti-sex, and anti-sex education and it simply isn’t true for most of us.

We’re working out who’s doing what and where we want to take this, so P4SRE really is a work in progress. I’m going to be working with the other members of the P4SRE collective over the next few weeks to make P4SRE a vital hub for parents who support comprehensive SRE and professional sex educators who want to work with parents.

If you want to get in touch and join in, share your ideas or write a blog email us on sre_ok (at) yahoo.co.uk

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