What can you do to help?

If you have 2 minutes

You could sign this petition

Like us on facebook

Follow us on Twitter

Tell everyone you know to get involved

If you have 5 minutes

You could write to your MP telling them that you would like to see good quality sex and relationships education in all schools and that those opposed to SRE do not represent you or most other parents. You could write your own letter, or adapt our template letter.

If you have more time 

Get involved in our parents blog by contributing comments or submit a blog to us that you think will help other parents with talking to their own children, talking to their childrens’ schools, campaigning for better SRE. Send blog posts to…

You could write to your child’s school telling them that you support the teaching of good quality sex and relationships education in the school and that you want to find out more about what they are teaching, to what age-group and when (schools need to know we support them in this and want to get involved in improving SRE).

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