Organisations supporting P4SRE

How great to get this message of support from the brilliant young people’s sexual health charity Brook:

Brook is delighted to support P4SRE. Young people tell us that they want their parents to be open and honest about sex and relationships and they want good SRE in schools. Children and young people will be best served by parents and schools working together and evidence shows parents want that too. This campaign is a welcome move towards ensuring the majority voice is heard.

Brook would love you to sign their petition in support of 21st Century Sex and Relationships Education

…and one from the fantastic sexual health charity FPA

FPA is pleased to support P4SRE. Through our parenting programme, Speakeasy, that has worked with over 15,000 parents, we know that parents and carers play a crucial role in giving information and advice to children and young people about sex, relationships and growing up. We also know that the best relationships and sex education programmes are joint-home school programmes that involve parents, and children and young people, and we welcome a campaign to ensure that the majority voice is heard on this issue.

 Find out more about FPA‘s work with parents:

2 Responses to Organisations supporting P4SRE

  1. Liam Kernan says: (Sandrs) is delighted to support P4SRE. Working, mostly, in and around Gloucestershire with schools, Sandrs interacts with hundreds of young people every year. We appreciate that we could not do this if parents were ‘in the dark’ about the fact that we are not talking to their kids about how and when but rather the facts about SRE.
    We wish we could involve more parents in our work, we understand the majority of parents want positive, comprehensive SRE and it is great to see a campaign that is getting that message out there. Long may it continue!

  2. p4sre says:

    Comment taken from the P4SRE petition:
    Name: Kath.Broomhead on Jan 3, 2012
    Comments: Parent to Parent a charity in Sheffield has been encouraging local parents and carers for many years to talk more about sex and relationships with their young people so we are happy to support this cause.

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