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Here are some of the brilliant comments parents have left on our petition: please sign it yourself  leave comments on the petition or below.

I have never come across any parent, who understands the real meaning of age appropriate SRE, withdrawing their child from this important aspect of their education. What we need is trained, skilled teachers of SRE to deliver in schools and for SRE to be a statutory aspect of the curriculum. Well done for starting this petition.

I firmly believe that SRE is integral to young people’s health education.

Where parents have already given their children good information and support, what harm can it do to give it again? Where parents haven’t done so, then schools must step in to keep children safe and to help them grow into healthy adult life.

I do not know of another parent who does not want their children to recieve, age appropriate SRE. The levels of VAWG, early sexual experimentation, unplanned teenage pregnancy, specific aspects of gender discrimination such as ‘honour’ based violence and FGM and availability of pornography make this primary aspect of human nature essential for the young people if they are going to achieve their full potential. The ‘controversy’ that circulates around this aspect of the taught curriculum reflects the unequal influence that religious organisations and social conservatives have with regards decision making in this country. Those who seek to deny our young people this education do so because it’s very existence challenges their positions of social, political and economic power. Inequalities and discrimination are perpetuated as a result ofthe lack of high quality SRE for all young people.

I completely agree. Good SRE complements and enhances what is taught in the home.

Soooo important given the pressures on young people right now and the schools agenda downplaying personal and social education.

I support this campaign as someone who has teenage children. Most parents haven’t got a clue what their kids are learning at school, watching on TV or talking about with their friends, so good SRE, that covers EVERYTHING and focuses on relationships and respect helps to balance this out, and goes hand in hand with what we try to do at home. Parents, teachers, youth workers etc should be talking openly and frankly with our children, the aim is to prepare them for their adult lives, able to make choices for themselves based on facts and reflection.

Being an SRE Practioner I am extremely passionate about this issue. From my experience parents are unaware of what their children are entitled to in terms of SRE provision. In schools in which I have been invited to deliver SRE sessions I have always arranged a parents meeting to explain the purpose of the sessions and the importance of SRE as a curriculum subject. The parents who attended these meetings went away giving their full support to the sessions going ahead.

It is important that children are aware of their bodies and how to keep themselves safe and that is wjy I am supporting this petition.

I completley agree that relationships and sex education should be taught in an age appropriate way to protect and inform our children and young people.

For year there was no or low quality SRE and we are dealing with the result of it. Keeping these subjects behind doors and not talking about them confuses young people, I think universal provision of good quality, safe, age-appropriate and comprehensive Sex and Relationships Education is needed and in no way taking any control from parents.

This is such an important issue – we cannot ignore the needs of our children and if we as parents and carers do not have the information or confidence to make sure they have have healthy relationships where will they turn? parents and carers should be proactive in talking to their kids about relationships and sex.

It is so important we discuss issues surrounding relationships and sexual health with our children – they are our future and we need to ensure that we empower them to make safe, healthy choices.

It’s time a voice was given to the majority view. Children need us to support them in having the best education they possibly can, and that includes good quality SRE.

If there had been such a provision when I was at primary school, I would have known that I was being abused. Schools can break the culture of unhappy family silence. Children need a place where they can feel safe and be believed.

Excellent education about relationships and sex is a right and a necessisty for all children and young people.

I’m really glad you’re doing this. We must show that WE are the mainstream on this issue or we’ll end up like the US.

As mother of an 8 year old girl I believe that providing honest, age-appropriate information about all aspects of life including sex and relationships is a positive part of helping my daughter to grow into a health, well balanced woman.

I want my children to enjoy happy and healthy relationships when they grow up, and to be confident and caring young men. Sharing relationships education between the home and school is one way of making this happen. I support teachers and healthcare providers offering quality sex education.


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